Hey, I'm Michele; Commercial photographer extraordinaire specializing in lifestyle and food photography. My style is intimate and minimalistic inspired by natural light and real life...

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-Steph, Six Sisters Stuff

We absolutely love working with Michele. She takes all of our food photos and since making the switch, our photography has gone from "unremarkable" to "WOW!" We are constantly impressed with the creativity, perfect lighting, and stunning photos we get back every time. Michele has an eye for food photography and we love how she will take our ideas and come back with anything better than we could have imagined. Hiring her is one of the best investments we've made in our business!

-Stephanie Abbitt, Stylist

Working with Michele was one of my favorite experiences to date. We were two strangers meeting for a shoot, but it felt as though we were long-time friends and teammates. She not only is kind and thoughtful, but incredibly talented as both a stylist and photographer. She makes everyone feel at ease while providing beneficial critiques to make the photographs the best they can be. I look forward to the day Michele and I can work together again!

-Chelsea, Walker Tape Co.

Michele can take the small beginnings of an idea and turn it into photos that tell the story you want to tell and MORE. She is so easy to work with, fun, and always delivers on time. She goes above and beyond in everything she is asked to do.  There is no way we could have dreamt up what she delivered to us. it was right on point and we are so happy with everything we've gotten back from her.  

-Cover + Co

I felt 100% confident with Michele and knew that I could trust her styling and photography expertise to capture the essence of my brand with innovative and original imagery.